The development of the automobile industry is inseparable from polypropylene plastics

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This is just a kind of plastic with better performance in plastics, so it is widely used in life and industry.

【Application of polypropylene plastic in packaging】

Plastics also occupy a very important position in the packaging industry, and plastics are the most used materials in the packaging industry.According to relevant information, only 35% of the world's plastics are used in the packaging industry, which is enough to explain the main position of plastics in the packaging industry.

The demand for plastics in our country's packaging industry is also gradually increasing, and the development of packaging plastics in my country is very rapid.In 2005, 5.5 million were produced, and in 2010, the production of packaging plastics exceeded 7 million, and it is expected to exceed 9 million in 2015.Plastic packaging accounts for more than 13% of the country's total packaging output.

【Application of polypropylene plastic in the automotive industry】

With the improvement of our living standards, more and more people own cars, especially the number of cars in our country is increasing.There are many plastics in automobiles, which means that the development of the automobile industry is definitely inseparable from plastics.Therefore, plastic will increase as the number of cars increases.

These two industries are industries with a relatively high proportion of plastic use, and their future development prospects will be very good.The development of polypropylene plastics in other industries is also very good, such as household appliances and engineering, a large number of plastics will be used.

The number of cars produced in our country is beginning to increase, and the configuration is getting higher and higher.Therefore, there is a great demand for high-grade plastics. For example, Volkswagen Lavida, the number one car in the domestic compact car rankings, both the plastic used in the bumper and the quality of the car's instrument panel are very high.