Standardization of production processes and qualitative product quality

Kintowe Sealing has always attached great importance to continuously optimizing and upgrading existing production processes, exploring and developing new processes, and testing and applying new processes in existing production processes.We implement process-based and standardized management of the production process, and we also build a cost control system, strive to optimize the production process, vigorously develop new technologies, continuously improve factories and equipment, and continuously improve quality analysis and testing, so as to continuously improve the company's product quality, not only passed the ISO9001:2000 standard, but also saved a lot of costs in the entire production process from raw materials to finished products.

  • Quality Assurance

    quality assurance
  • 01

    Upgrade of existing production processes, explore and develop new processes

  • 02

    Processization and standardization of production process management system

  • 03

    Continuous improvement and upgrading of production equipment and testing equipment

research and development centre

Professional R&D center is the core driving force of Kintowe's technological progress and innovation

The company established the “Jiashan Kintowe Polymer Composite Material Research and Development Center” in September 2005 with the approval of its superiors. It has 9 personnel specializing in the research and development of mechanical parts of polymer composite materials, including 3 senior engineers with experience in polymer materials research, and one each for mechanical engineers and senior technicians. Scientific and technological activities personnel.

R&D center is equipped with a complete set of more advanced R&D and testing equipment, including microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, friction and wear testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, impact testing machine, image microscope, Vika thermal deformation thermometer, etc.The establishment of the R&D center will continuously enhance the core competitiveness of Kintowe's products in related fields such as construction machinery, petroleum, chemical machinery, machine tools, mechatronics, etc., and create a certain foundation for Kintowe's development into a high-tech enterprise in composite materials.

Through future efforts, the R&D center will be built into an industry-leading research institute with first-class talents, first-class equipment, and industry-leading capabilities, making it truly the driving force of enterprise technological progress and technological innovation. Core.


Advanced experimental equipment, professional personnel and high-quality assurance

In accordance with the quality policy of “winning the trust and satisfaction of customers with high-quality products”, the company strictly controls the whole process from raw material procurement and input, mold design, molding, sintering, machining, etc. to service, and strictly controls each process, and uses advanced testing equipment to ensure a 100% factory pass rate of products.