PFB Bearing


Typical features
Typical featuresApplication
High load capacityHydraulic cylinder pivots
Excellent wear resistanceConstruction machinery arm bushes
Outstanding chemical resistanceBoom lifts, scissor lifts
Low friction coefficientCranes,material handing equipment
Oil forbiddenPort machiney

Package machine

Design Introduction

The POLYESTER LUBRICATION series bearings (PFB) in Kintowe product series are continuously wound with glass fiber and epoxy resin material (bearing layer), filled with PTFE fiber and high strength fiber internal lubricant and high temperature epoxy resin as sliding layer, so as to form a natural concentric high strength bearing without joint and overlap This high-strength laminate structure allows bearing wall thickness of only (1.59mm-3.18mm), reducing product size and bearing weight during assembly such composite bearings exhibit extremely low friction coefficients and high bearing capacity



Material propertiesStandardUnitPLB-1
Specific GravityISO1183g/cm1.95
Max. water absorptionISO620.1
Max. PV(dry)ITS026 N/mm2 Xm/s1.8
Friction CoefficientITS025μ0.03~0.12
Long-term Operating TemperatureITS029160
Short-term Operating TemperatureITS029180
Minimum Operating TemperatureITS029-100
Tensile StrengthITS033Mpa420
Max.Static loadITS027Mpa240
Max.Dynamic loadITS028Mpa140
Shore HardnessISO868D96
Coefficient of linear thermal expansionISO1135910-5 *K-113