PFC Phenolic Cloth & Polyester Cloth

Stern Bearing

ISO 9001 approval is held for all manufacturing operations and internal systems .

KINTOWE is approved by DNV classification societies.

Design Introduction

PFC-6 Characteristics

Kintowe PFC-6 is an ultra strong fiber reinforced composite material, with unique manufacturing process, PFC-6 has high compressive strength, high wear resistance and low friction performance. PFC-6 can adapt the complex operating conditions.

PFC-22 Characteristics

Kintowe PFC-22 is an advanced, reinforced composite mate- rial contains solid lubricants. The material has exceptional wear resistance and virtually no swell in water, providing dimensional stability. PFC-22 tolerates edge loading and misalignment even with the heaviest loads.

Kintowe Marine Bearings are installed with an interference fit. Bearings are normally freeze fitted using liquid nitrogen but can be press fitted or resin chocked as required.

Where there are extended periods without lubrication, such as upper pintle bearings under light ballast conditions, Kintowe PFC-22 proves especially effective.


· Extensive stock available

· Classification approval for up to 15N/mm²

· Virtually no swell in water

· Environmentally friendly

· Approved dry running capability

· Low coefficient of friction

· Tolerant to edge loading


Compressive StrengthN/㎜²320330
Tensile StrengthN/㎜²4260
Flexural StrengthN/㎜²6065
Shear StrengthN/㎜²6580
Impact StrengthN/㎜²150100