PFC Phenolic Cloth & Polyester Cloth

PFC-22 Self-Lubricating Composite Material


01 GuideRings, Shaft Sleeves

02 Stern Tube Bearings, Rudder Bearings

03 Main Hatch Bearings, Hatch Cover Pads

04 Cargo Pump Bearings, Propeller Bearings

05 Sheave Bearings, Deck MachineryBearings

06 Mooring System Bearings, Offshore Platform Bearings

Design Introduction

PFC-22 is composed of specialty synthetic fiber, reinforced polyester resin and solid lubricants and other ingredients.


PFC-22 has superior wear resistance and almost no water swell; compares to metallic material, good elastic deformation allows it operating well under high loading. It is ideal for underwater operation (even in sea water) and offers maintenance-free solutions for special equipments.


Part NumberColor

Density (g/m³)

Compressive  strength


Friction coefficient(dry)Temperature (℃) 
PFC-22black1.2-1.4330 0.14130-40