PTFE Series

DF Series Self-Lubricating Fluoroplastic Bearing


01 Large oxygenerator

02 Industrial boiler

03 Gas equipment

04 Hydraulic equipment

Design Introduction

DF-L series bearings are bearings equipped with bevel/straight joint bushings made of DF soft tapes, with a length equal to the bearings' circumference

calculated according to their diameter. The bushing is lined in the short metallic sleeve with block, and can move freely inside the metallic sleeve.


01 They can be used in oil-free lubrication for long term, with PV limit value of 4m/s.Kg/cm ² . And their PV limit value in short term usage can reach 8m/s.Kg/cm ² .

02 They are suitable to be used in oil-free lubricating rubbing parts work under condition of corrosion medium environment and extreme temperature(from -250℃ to +260℃).

03 They can avoid the bearings' friction and wear of frequent start and stop.

04 Used as the bearings or supporting bearings with reciprocating or oscillating movement, they bring no crawling phenomenon and less abrasion.