PTFE Series

DFG Fluorocarbon Guidance Tape

Material properties

It has high structural strength, and when used as a guide seal for a cylinder or hydraulic cylinder, it can withstand high lateral stress and reverse stress, thereby ensuring the balanced movement of the piston or piston rod.

Excellent friction and wear characteristics, even cylinders or hydraulic cylinders working in dry friction or boundary lubrication and non-lubricating liquid media can show their superior wear-resistant, anti-friction, anti-stick and other effects.

It has a certain elasticity and softness, and can be very obedient between the two metal friction pairs. It not only has excellent sealing, but also protects the ground metal from wear.

It has good temperature resistance and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of +120℃.

It has wide applicability and easy to use. It can adapt to the guide sealing requirements of pistons and piston rods of any model and non-standard pneumatic or hydraulic systems, and can be cut and assembled according to the required length.

Design Introduction

Due to the excellent characteristics of fluorocarbon resin (PTFE) such as low friction, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability, it has been widely used as friction and sealing parts, especially in corrosive media, and this problem is often difficult to solve for general metals and other non-metallic materials.Especially when it is further modified by various filling and compounded with certain aromatic resins into plastic alloys, higher carrying capacity, thermomechanical stability, wear resistance and PV limit values can be obtained.Our company is a professional processing plant for fluorocarbon resin products, and is engaged in the research of its modification and technology.Products include plates, bars, pipes, flexible belts, and parts such as bushings, seals, gaskets, balls and bowls.In order to meet the needs of cylinder or hydraulic cylinder guide support under working conditions such as difficult lubrication or oil-free lubrication and high lateral pressure, the company has developed several different formulas of DFG guide belt materials, and has been successfully used as a guide ring and support ring for hydraulic cylinders or cylinders of compressors, cranes, loaders and other construction machinery.


Low friction

Corrosion resistant

Thermal stability





(g/cm³ )

Linear thermal

expansion factor (×10-5)







strength (MPa)


Strength (MPa)

Impact Strength

without Notch (KJ/m )

Friction and Wear

Properties(Dry Friction)

Heat Distortion



 of fricion

Wear Loss