PTFE Series

YT Soft Tape For Guide-Way


It could be used in manufacturing and maintenance of the sliding guide-ways on various precision, NC, and heavy duty machine tools and on textile and printing machinery.

Design Introduction

YT Soft Tape for Guide-way, a kind of turning soft Tape made of PTFE, filled, modified, and surface activated, has excellent friction and wear-resistance characteristic and almost same static and dynamic friction coefficients. As a kind of novel material, it can be used in the manufacturing and repairing of machine tools, especially can be used as the guide way's abrasion-proof surface on precision machine tools. Machine tools equipped with the YT soft tapes can avoid the crawling phenomenon effectively, avoid abrasion to guide set,locate exactly quickly and move smoothly for sure; and will produce no tremor.YT guide soft tape can also be used as a self-lubricating, wear-resistant sliding bushing/gasket, which is easy to use with good wear resistance.


01. With almost the same static and dynamic friction coefficients, it avoid crawling phenomenon, can operate smoothly, and has  fretting position performance.

02. With excellent abrasion resistant property , it can strengthen the stability of guide-way accuracy , and prolong the machine tool's maintenance period.

03. With shock absorption and sound absorption performance, it can enhance the processed parts' surface accuracy and quality.

04. With good self-lubricating property and small friction coefficient , it can reduce driving force consumption, and avoid the scratching on metallic guide way surface.

05. For can be maintained easily , it can be used in the renovation and repair of abandoned machine tools.






(g/cm³ )

Linear thermal

expansion factor (×10-5)







strength (MPa)


Strength (MPa)

Impact Strength

without Notch (KJ/m )

Friction and Wear

Properties(Dry Friction)



 of fricion

Wear sca

 width (mm)

Wear Loss


YTBlue/Green3-3.57.5> 1311030-4025-30> 150.16-0.21< 6 6.3-10.1