PTFE Series

DF Series Modified Ptfe Sealing Components For Hydraulic System


Engineering mechanical cylinder.

A variety of general mechanical cylinders and hydraulic systems.

Design Introduction

On the basis of experiences of production and processing of modfed PTFE products by more than 20 years acumulation,combing the sealing characteristics andrequire-ments of current hydraulic system,our company has developed a variety of sealing components for hydraulic system, such as al kinds of gyd rings. stepseals, dirt retainers,fencing rings etc used for hydraulic ylinder pistons and piston rods. 


With good abrasion resistance, oi proof and erosion resistance theproducts can be used under the pressure from 0 to 40MPa. As its good temperature tolerance it can be used in an environment fom-30'to +150%C. (Dependinoon the material of the O-ring)