Aging problems of sealing strips and preservation methods

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The aging problem of sealing strips in the automotive industry has always been a difficult problem plaguing the sealing strip industry. At present, it is still widely used in the sealing strip industry. Solving the aging problem is essential for the development of the sealing strip industry. At the same time, the aging problem is a more important factor affecting the sealing performance of the sealing strip.

The main factors affecting the aging of the sealing strip are the natural environment, first, the influence of oxygen, ozone and other components in the air.The main reason is that the oxidation reaction causes the molecular chain of the rubber to break, but the degree of influence of ozone and oxygen is not the same, and the oxidation of ozone is more destructive. Second, the influence of light and moisture, which is a more critical factor to accelerate the aging of the sealing strip, moisture in the air is a necessary condition for the rubber to soften.Light is the main factor that promotes its discoloration, and long-term sunlight can easily deform and soften the rubber.The third is temperature, which has a relatively large impact on rubber.Mainly in the cold winter, the rubber will harden, if severe, it will cause the rubber to break, and the hot summer will soften the rubber.

The above points are the main factors that cause the aging of rubber seals.Therefore, when maintaining the sealing strip, it should mainly start from the above aspects of waterproofing, air isolation and thermal insulation.

Rubber materials are very common in our lives. After a long time, we will find that rubber sealing strips are actually difficult to preserve, especially in summer, when they are in a high temperature environment for a long time, one of the problems that rubber sealing strips are more prone to is melting and deformation.Therefore, when saving or maintaining the sealing strip, we must pay attention to the following points:

First, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight for a long time. Too strong sunlight is fatal to the aging of rubber. Rubber is generally black and has a strong heat-absorbing ability.Therefore, it will lead to an increase in temperature, which will change its physical properties, and the more direct result is to soften.

The second is to avoid high-temperature environments. As mentioned earlier, direct sunlight can cause high-temperature deformation. Another harm of high temperature is that it can cause rubber to melt.

Third, the storage environment of the rubber sealing strip should be dry, which is also an important factor to prevent its aging.

In short, one sentence summarizes that the preservation environment of rubber seals is a dark, cool and dry environment.

The storage environment should be dry, which is also an important factor to prevent its aging.

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