What factors determine the size and grade of silicone rubber sealing strips?

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Seals are available in various grades, with different film thicknesses and quantities.These results ensure that you have the right controlling interest and are based on multivariate tensile strength, including the size, weight and production/transportation environment of the electric cabinet.The increase of any of these factors, so it needs to be graded.Under normal circumstances, lower-grade sealing tapes provide thinner liners and lower-level adhesives, making them ideal for lightweight sealing.The upper grades are constructed with thicker liners and adhesive layers, making them suitable for heavy-duty or high-safety seals.

The size and grade of silicone rubber sealing strip are mainly determined by the following factors:


According to the same compression load, the pressure of the same type of medium, the leakage rate and the thickness of the sealing strip increase and decrease.This is due to the fact that under the same axial load, the thick foot pads have greater compression resilience, and the flexible storage of thick sealing strips is more compensated than thin sealing strips. Due to the initial sealing state, the relative separation between the medium pressure on the sealing surface and the sealing strip has been reached, retaining a large residual compressive stress, therefore, the leakage rate decreases.But it cannot be said that the thicker the sealing strip, the better the sealing performance.This is because the thickness of the sealing strip establishes the initial sealing state.It is a state of compressive stress. Due to the influence of the side surface friction of the gasket surface, the greater deformation resistance of the material, the gasket ring, is less affected by the end of the small deformation resistance.


Within a certain range, with the increase of the width of the liner, the leakage rate decreases linearly.This is because the leakage resistance and the length of the leakage channel (proportional to the width of the washer) are proportional to the effective width of the washer medium.But it cannot be said that the wider the pad, the better, because the sealing strip is wider and the surface area of the sealing strip area is larger, so that the bolt force of the wide sealing strip under the same compressive stress is much greater than that of the narrow sealing strip.

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